My Work

What do I have to offer as a translator?

First and foremost, translation requires professional skills in the target language (in this case, English). 'Native speaker' is a fair qualification but is not enough on its own. Translation calls for the ability to transfer the content and tone of the original text into the target language in a precise, comprehensible and persuasive manner. Regardless of one's understanding of the source language: without being able to write in English in a captivating and diversified fashion, all translation efforts will fall short. I developed English writing skills long before I began translating and have been expanding and fine-tuning my English composition ever since, whether slam poetry or short stories, philosophical essays concerning human and animal rights or empirical research studies in sociolinguistics.


Of course, translation also entails a high level of fluency in the source language (in this case, German). In addition to the language, translation requires a deep understanding of both the source and target culture. Thanks to various studies in both America and Germany, I am lucky enough to enjoy colloquial and professional fluency in both languages, to have the necessary cultural familiarity for an appropriate transfer, and to have specialized knowledge in several fields.

Translation is Art.


I primarily work as a kindergarten teacher. My work as a freelance translator is motivated by my passion for the German and English languages. Because I enjoy the securities of my job as an educator, I have the freedom to work as an artist when translating. I am not forced to simultaneously take on too many projects and can dedicate myself to each text, paying attention to detail until I, and my client, are satisfied. 

Experience and Specialization

I have translation experience in various fields, ranging from academic studies in education to contracts, manuals, investor letters, personal websites and children's audiobooks. Every text has its own tone, and so I approach each one with openness and curiosity, including texts within my fields of expertise.


Attested Translations

I am not a sworn translator, meaning that I have not been tested for and sworn oath to the accuracy of my translations. I therefore cannot guarantee that my translations will be legally upheld. If you need an attested translation for court or legal purposes (birth certificate, marriage certificate, notary deed...), I am not the right translator for you.