1989: Born in Boston, Massachusetts (USA)


2007: High School Diploma, Boston Latin School (USA)

The oldest high school in the United States, Boston Latin School implements a classical curriculum and places particular emphasis on language studies. In addition to years of education in Latin and French, it was here that I first discovered my love for German.


2005-2007: Vocational Training as a Bicycle Mechanic, Boston (USA)

During this time I worked with youth programs, teaching bicycle mechanics, maintenance, commuting and safety basics. I was also a mechanic and salesman at Bikes Not Bombs, an exceptional community center and bicycle shop promoting youth empowerment, recycling and the bicycle as a means for social awareness and change.


2007-2011: Bachelor of Arts, University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA)

I graduated with a B.A. in German and Philosophy, as well as a minor in Integrated Liberal Studies.


2009-2010: Academic Year Abroad, Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg (Germany)

My academic year abroad was made possible by AYF - Academic Year in Freiburg, a program that enables students from several American universities to spend time studying in Freiburg. In this formative year, I taught English as a Second Language and worked on my first translation projects.


2011: Relocation to Freiburg (Germany) After Completing my Studies in the US

After a short time back in Germany, it was a clear decision: Freiburg was to become my second home.


2012-2015: Master of Arts, Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg (Germany)

I completed a M.A. in German as a Foreign Language Education/Intercultural Germanic Studies. During this time, I attended intensive translation seminars and worked on various translation projects. My masters thesis was an empirical research project in sociolinguistics, studying the practices of criticism between professors and students at musical conservatories in Germany. Throughout my studies I worked as a teacher for German as a Foreign Language, predominantly teaching international students looking to apply to German universities but also working with refugees. I also worked as an English tutor.


2015-2017: Kindergarten Teacher/Early Childhood Educator Training, Forest Kindergarten, Freiburg 

After my studies I decided to pursue my educational interests working with children and youth. I completed an educator training (Erzieher) and worked in a forest kindergarten. I also taught German at a refugee home and worked from time to time on translation projects.


2017-2019: A Rich and Varied Lifestyle as a Kindergarten Teacher and Translator

After my educator certification, I decided to continue working primarily in the field of education and worked as a kindergarten teacher in a Waldorf kindergarten in Freiburg. However, it became clear to me during my certification that I would like to actively foster my passion for language. In this spirit I founded MorrisTranslations in the spring of 2017.


2019-Present: Language Studies Revisited


In 2019, I left kindergarten with a heavy heart and returned to university, this time to become a high school teacher (English and philosophy/ethics). Currently halfway through my studies, I enjoy a daily balance between translation tasks and research assignments.